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Earn GBR by staking Goo and Gobblers in the Goober tank address. GBR grows with the pool, as it grows through Goo production.

Goober (GBR) tokens are created and transferred upon deposit and represent your fractional ownership of the pool. GBR can be burned at any time


It is recommended to deposit Goo with Gobblers in the same transaction. Depositing both token types helps with the bonding curve shifting, allowing you to withdraw easier.

Deposit Gobbler

Deposit some Gobbler(s) into the pool. Receiving GBR.

Once a Gobbler is deposited, anyone can withdraw it (with GBR), or swap it for Goo and Gobblers.


Only deposit Gobblers that you are willing to risk being withdrawn or swapped out by another user.


Deposit Goo

Deposit some amount of Goo into the Pool. Receiving GBR.


Make sure to check the pool's price for a Gobbler in Goo (via swap). Based on the curve's current position, it may be more profitable to swap for a Gobbler and deposit it instead of Goo.