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Goober is a yield-optimized farm and liquidity engine for Goo and Gobblers. Goober allows a user to effectively pool their Goo and/or Gobblers with other users, such that they all receive more Goo emissions together than they would on their own, allowing market forces to maintain the optimal ratio of Goo/Gobblers in the pool. A unique flavor of of Uniswap V2 and EIP-4626 forms a special purpose AMM with vault-like characteristics and unique minting mechanics. Aside from bonding an ERC20 with an ERC721, Goober diverges from Uni-V2 via its internal bonding maintenance mechanics. The vault can mint new Gobblers when it’s profitable to do so under calculated contraints from the constant product formula and pool reserves, increasing the rate of future Goo emissions whilst continuing to keeping the pool balanced.

Read more about the mechanism and the math behind it in the litepaper.

How it works

Users can permissionlessly swap Gobblers and Goo, as well as deposit Goo and fractionalize their Gobblers in order to maximize their Goo accrual without the need for active management. By depositing Gobblers and/or Goo into the vault, users receive GBR in return, an ERC20 token that gives depositors claim to the assets in the vault.